Conference on Artificial Photosynthesis and Green Catalysis 2023
July 17, 2023 2:37 PM


Conference on Artificial Photosynthesis and Green Catalysis 2023
Empowering Green Futures: CAPGC 2023, a Collaborative Initiative by European Projects 112CO2 and Sun2Chem, Organized by EPFL and Pixel Voltaic.

The Conference on Artificial Photosynthesis and Green Catalysis (CAPGC) 2023 unfolded as a collaboration between two European Projects, the 112CO2 and Sun2Chem. Hosted by EPFL and organized in partnership with Pixel Voltaic, the conference attracted over 70 participants.


Global Collaboration: CAPGC 2023 brought together visionaries, researchers, and industry leaders from around the globe to explore the transformative potential of artificial photosynthesis and green catalysis.

Diverse Topics: CAPGC 2023 covered a diverse range of topics, including solar-assisted water splitting, photoelectrochemical/photocatalytic reduction of CO2, methane decomposition, heterogeneous catalysis, catalytic reactor engineering, and carbon and carbon credits.

Expert Speakers: Renowned experts, including Prof. Michael Gratzel (EPFL), Prof. Adélio Mendes (UPorto), Prof. Roel van de Krol (HZB), Prof. James Durrant (ICL), and others, graced the conference with their insights and expertise.

Awards for Excellence: The conference announced awards for the best contributed talk and best poster presentations, acknowledging and celebrating outstanding contributions to the field.

Future-Forward Vision: CAPGC 2023 served as a rallying point for those dedicated to shaping a decarbonized future, promoting dialogue and collaboration among academia, industry, and policymakers.

The success of CAPGC 2023 underscores the commitment of the scientific community to address pressing global challenges through innovative and sustainable solutions. As the conference continues to resonate, the impact of the shared knowledge and collaborative efforts is expected to reverberate across disciplines, influencing the trajectory of sustainable technology for years to come.

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Conference on Artificial Photosynthesis and Green Catalysis 2023

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