The Winners of the 1st Monetary Prize Present their Results
The Winners of the 1st Monetary Prize present their results
112CO2 Partners Dive into the Promising Outcomes of the First Monetary Prize

In an online meeting, 112CO2 celebrated the achievements of its participants, recognizing projects that promise to revolutionize the fight against carbon emissions.

1st Place: IN+, Center for Innovation, Technology, and Policy Research

The top honors went to the IN+, Center for Innovation, Technology, and Policy Research, for their project titled "Methane Pyrolysis as a Technology to Support the Decarbonization of Cement Industry." This initiative explores the adoption of Methane Pyrolysis or Thermal-decomposition technology in the Cement and Concrete Industry. By utilizing Hydrogen as a low-carbon fuel for heat generation in clinker production and incorporating Solid Carbon by-products into cement or concrete, IN+ charts a course toward sustainable industry practices.

2nd Place: Carbopora, Lda.

Carbopora, Lda. secured the second position with their project "Carbo4H2sieve," aiming to demonstrate the feasibility of employing disruptive carbon membranes for hydrogen purification. This breakthrough can enhance the viability of 112CO2’s catalytic methane decomposition reactor, offering a reliable and cost-effective strategy for producing CO2-free (or negative) hydrogen.

3rd Place: Università degli Studi di Ferrara

Claiming the third spot was the Università degli Studi di Ferrara with their project "PROCEED - Upstream Integration of 112CO2 with Green Methane Production." The PROCEED project focuses on hydrogenating carbon dioxide to produce methane. This methane is then thermally decomposed using the catalytic technology developed within the 112CO2 project, creating a virtuous cycle that integrates energy production, storage, transportation, and utilization while actively reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

These visionary projects showcase the potential for innovative technologies to drive a sustainable and decarbonized future. The 112CO2 community looks forward to further collaborations and advancements in the journey toward a greener tomorrow.

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The Winners of the 1st Monetary Prize present their results

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