Tiago Lagarteira


Engineer Tiago Lagarteira (born 1988) is a project engineer at LEPABE-FEUP. He received his MSc degree in chemical engineering (processes and products) from UPORTO, in 2016, with the thesis entitle “MEAs preparation via wet routes for PEM electrolysis”. He is currently in the final year on his PhD which is focused on electrochemical conversion and storage energy systems (PEM fuel cells, PEM electrolysis, ERCO2 and advanced redox flow batteries). He is currently Work Package Leader at 112CO2 (FET Proactive); a cutting-edge project to develop COx-free hydrogen production through low-temperature catalytic methane decomposition. His publications include 10 research articles in peer reviewed scientific journals, 1 patent and more than 12 presentations in international conferences.

The 112CO2 Project

Coordinator address

Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto
Departamento de Engenharia QuĂ­mica
Rua do Dr. Roberto Frias, s/n
4200-465 Porto,



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